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UVic is a global leader in climate research, which means students have the opportunity to take classes from researchers at the forefront of the field. We have compiled a list of courses from nine faculties across campus, including the Faculty of Continuing Studies, that focus on climate change, climate solutions, and other environmental issues. 

You can navigate through the course list by faculty using the buttons below. 

Clicking on the course information will bring you to its entry in the UVic Calendar.


Media Activism, Social Justice, and Educational Change
Curriculum and Instruction Studies (EDCI)
Explores the power and possibility of using media and communication technologies for substantive societal change. Introduces students to current and possible future uses of mainstream and alternative media to challenge existing power structures, to assist in representing marginalized and underrepresented groups, and to link communities of interest in aid of the attainment of social, political, economic, environmental and cultural justice through educational change.
Ecology for Teachers
Curriculum and Instruction Studies (EDCI)
Labs, field trips and inquiry activities explore the major ecosystems in British Columbia as a focus for instruction. Topics include the natural history of plants and animals, the ecology of communities and ecosystems and human impacts emphasizing the Pacific Northwest. Intended to provide teachers with information and skills to explore the outdoor environment as a focus for instruction: to plan and organize field trips, teach nature appreciation, inquiry techniques, ecology concepts and stewardship.
Environmental Education
Curriculum and Instruction Studies (EDCI)
This multidisciplinary course is designed to familiarize the educator with a range of issues and teaching methods related to environmental education. Topics include goals for environmental and outdoor education; environmental ethics; current issues and trends; multicultural perspectives towards the land; local, national and global issues, teaching strategies for understanding and resolving environmental issues; program and unit planning. Selected field trips to locations emphasizing current environmental issues.

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