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UVic is a global leader in climate research, which means students have the opportunity to take classes from researchers at the forefront of the field. We have compiled a list of courses from nine faculties across campus, including the Faculty of Continuing Studies, that focus on climate change, climate solutions, and other environmental issues. 

You can navigate through the course list by faculty using the buttons below. 

Clicking on the course information will bring you to its entry in the UVic Calendar.


Green Legal Theory
Law (LAW)
Develops critical theoretical basis for extending the understanding of social/natural regulation beyond mainstream environmental law and policy; individual research, presentation and contribution to a developing new 'naturalist' understanding of law in its political economy and cultural context.
Environmental Law
Law (LAW)
This is a foundational course for students interested in environmental law and policy. Students acquire an overview of recent developments and debates within this area. Topics addressed include federalism and the environment, common law rights and remedies, public participation and judicial review, market mechanisms for environmental protection, endangered species, and trade and the environment. A key focus concerns the extent to which environmental law reflects, or fails to reflect, evolving social and other values.
Environmental Law Centre Clinic
Law (LAW)
An opportunity to study the theory and engage in the practice of public interest environmental lawyering in a supervised clinical setting. Students enrolled in the Clinic provide legal information and assistance to environmental NGOs, community groups and First Nations. They also develop public interest lawyering skills including advocacy through media, client counselling and case development and management. The class meets for a weekly seminar to discuss ongoing projects and related readings, and to exercise skills. At the end of term, every student submits for evaluation a major written product prepared for a designated clinic client.
Field Course in Environmental Law and Sustainability
Law (LAW)
Explores the structures of reconciliation, law, policy and sustainability in a specific territory on the west coast of BC. Analyzes co-existing Indigenous and state jurisdictional and governance systems that shape a region.
Environmental Law Centre Clinic Intensive: Legal Skills & Sustainability
Law (LAW)
Intensive public interest environmental law clinical program in which students are supervised as they assist conservation, community and First Nations clients with legal representation, advocacy services and advice. Students receive training in client interviewing and counseling, file management, professional responsibility and litigation practice, and are introduced to a variety of sustainability law topics.
Environmental Law Centre Clinic Intensive: Problem Solving
Law (LAW)
Students receive training in negotiation, collaborative project delivery, and workshop facilitation, and undertake specialized tutorials tailored to urban and rural sustainability with a view to resolving environmental disputes. Students undertake sustained engagement with cases, including litigation, and clients.
Environmental Law and Science
Law (LAW)
Environmental law involves the convergence of public policy and complex scientific issues. This seminar course explores the theoretical and practical intersections between law and science, focusing on environmental and natural resources. Students examine issues that arise when the scientific method and reasoning processes meet legal burdens of proof in the courtroom. The role of expert opinion evidence is examined, as well as the use of science in the drafting of legislative instruments.

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