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In addition to the innovative climate-focused research and student initiatives happening at UVic, the institution itself is also recognized as a leader in sustainability. 

Institutional Commitments

  • Sustainability Action Plan: Campus Operations 2020-2021​: Sustainability Action Plans are UVic's multi-year frameworks for addressing environmental, social, and institutional sustainability on campus and within the UVic community. Each plan defines goals, strategies, and actions for different areas of sustainability. This is a short-term plan for the interim period between the conclusion of the 2014-2019 plan and the anticipated 2021 five-year plan.

  • Responsible Investment Policy: This policy was released in 2020 in order establish responsible invest goals for investment of the university's short-term funds. The policy's main elements include materially lower the carbon emissions across the short-term investment portfolio by 45% by 2030.

  • Climate and Sustainability Action Plan: This plan has not yet been created, but will involve wide engagement with the campus community during its development. The goal of this plan is to work towards Strategy 5.2 of the university's Strategic Framework that promises to “review and renew our approach to sustainability in every domain (research, education, community engagement and campus operations) to move toward a comprehensive and integrated approach.”

  • Campus Cycling Plan: The Campus Cycling Plan was released in 2019 and establishes a framework to guide the development of future cycling infrastructure on campus. The plan offers a comprehensive approach to support increased cycling on campus as a safe, enjoyable and convenient mode of transportation for the UVic community.

Campus Resources

  • STARS Report: The Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System is a transparent, self-reporting framework to allow high education institutions gauge their relative progress towards sustainability. UVic received a STARS gold ranking in the 2019 Sustainable Campus Index.

  • Campus Planning and Sustainability: The Office of Campus Planning and Sustainability acts as a coordinator and resource for students, staff, faculty and administration working towards shared goals of environmental sustainability at the University of Victoria. Their website includes resources about campus sustainability commitments, current campaigns,  engagement opportunities, and a Campus Sustainability Fund.

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